We’re here to help our members moods as well as their bodies.

We’ve commissioned a Happy-fit-ness report, surveying 2,000 people about the role exercise plays in boosting your mood.  Our findings were backed by Dr Ben Webb, Neuroscientist, lecturer and founder of Ology, who specialises in helping people improve their brain health and wellbeing.

“Any cardiovascular exercise – such as running and cycling – which are paired with periods of high intensity, will get mood boosting endorphins flowing.”

“But, all exercise – regardless of intensity level – will change the brain in a positive way, by promoting the growth of new brain cells and chemicals that affect mood, memory and energy levels. It will also reduce chemicals which put you in a low mood.”

“Music is also great to work out to as most people have an instinct to synchronise their movements to the music, which will come out during exercise.”

And, to help we’ve created more ways to help you move your mood.

Our research found that eight in 10 people said listening to music while exercising lifts their moods with Pop music to leading choice for a boost (54 per cent), followed by rock (36 per cent) – but the mellow tones of folk proved to be the least popular (11 per cent).

Music is a key element of your workout and, we’ve partnered with DJ Mark Harrison to create a motivating playlist guaranteed to lift your spirits.

Member event:
Wednesday 22nd September

We’ve created the ultimate Happy intensify interval Training workout, partnering with fitness influencer Elle of Live Fit Elle. The workout is still High intensity with an added focus on intensify the feeling of happiness.

The workout is being stream live into participating clubs on National Fitness Day, 22nd September, 6pm.

Members can book in via the Snap Fitness app at your local Club.

Non-member event:
Saturday 9th October

Exercise plays an important part not just in our physical health but also our mental health.  October 10th is International Mental Health Awareness Day, and, on Saturday 9th, participating clubs will be holding a full day of our new HiiT sessions for non-members.

Exercise makes us feel fantastic. We guarantee that if you move your body regularly, supported by your local Snap Fitness team, you’ll start to experience a positive difference in your mood and your health. If not, we’ll give you your money back (T&Cs apply).

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